Introducing myself

The first posting on a new blog is always difficult. There is an element of writer’s block as I stare at the electronic equivalent of a blank sheet of paper. What do I want to achieve this time? Should this blog be totally separate from the last, or should I be looking for continuity across my whole degree journey? If so, can I assume that my readers are familiar with my past ‘Expressing Your Vision’ blog (it’s here, by the way) or would that be just too arrogant?

Probably best to start by introducing myself.


I am 61, with a day job as a chartered building surveyor (a kind of ‘building doctor’) and hobby interests including photography, sailing (tolerably well) and learning saxophone (badly; I should practice more). I play with a variety of digital and film cameras: digital if it important to get a result, film if I want to absorb myself in the process and ritual of setting up a photograph.

Photographically, I tend to play it safe; I am most likely to produce a landscape or a ‘detail’ shot, and that is one of my reasons for embarking on the degree pathway. I want to stretch myself, leave my comfort zone occasionally and see what the wider world of photography and art has to offer.

I am doing this degree for personal development reasons. My previous forays into higher education have been for qualification and career progression. Now that I approach retirement, I am doing this one for me – and going for assessment as a way of keeping score.


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