‘Two sides …’ – other ideas

Having committed my initial thoughts to cyberspace, in a previous post, I find that my subconscious is now producing new ideas.

The first, but unlikely to go further, is inspired by the course notes suggestion of a profile on a dating website. It would be interesting to see two sets of profile portraits, one for Tindr and one for Grindr. This one is likely to founder on two practical difficulties. The first is finding models; my friends are too old for either site and I would have difficulty broaching the kind of ‘performance’ that I would need in front of the camera. The second is the perceived online risks while surfing and researching the sites in sufficient detail to identify a style.

The second, which has distinct possibilities, is inspired by the old news story of Hugh Grant’s arrest in 1995 and subsequent publication of his police mugshot.

This is very different from his usual public persona, seen in studio publicity, red carpet shots, etc. It is surprisingly easy to find celebrity mugshots online – 100 in the Zimbio article that is the source of the image above. It would be interesting but perhaps too easy to produce two series of images of the same group, one set of studio publicity shots and one set of mugshots. Also, it would not be my own work, and this is not the time to explore the line between plagiarism and ‘found images’.

My idea is to do the same kind of thing with my own models: one set of ‘portraits’, whether studio or environmental, and one set of faked-up mugshots with flat lighting, a height chart and a board with numbers and ID. It would involve some planning, including the ‘mugshot studio’ set-up, but is eminently achievable.


Zimbio (s.d.) The Top 100 Celebrity Mugshots, Full List [online at] http://www.zimbio.com/The+Top+100+Celebrity+Mugshots/articles (accessed 9/2/2017)


2 thoughts on “‘Two sides …’ – other ideas

    • Thanks, Nigel. My top pick at the moment. Two views of a car journey is second. I have about a month to come up with other ideas before making a final choice and getting down to it.


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