‘Two sides …’ – a dry run

Having generated some ideas, it is now time to do some ‘proof of concept’ work. I like the idea of the alternative views of driver and passenger on a car journey. The following images were made with an iPhone on a recent trip.

Driver’s viewpoint images are reasonably easy, even from the passenger seat.

It was a dull, wet day so the headlights and the rain streaks added nicely to the drama of the situation. I get the impression that the driver is having to concentrate on the road, with no time for sightseeing. Zooming in slightly (the shot with the lorry at right of frame) loses the dashboard details that give away the fact that this is not strictly the driver’s view; it also gives a better impression of concentration on the road immediately ahead.

The passenger viewpoint was less successful (OK, not successful at all)

I had not appreciated how much roadside hedges obscure the view. It is clear that the main aspect of planning this assignment (if I go for this option) will be the selection of a route. I am looking for nearby ‘scenery’ with minimum obstruction. It may be a that a countryside route is not ideal, so my next experiment will be on a drive through an historic market town.


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