Exercise – Street

I used the opportunity of a study visit to the Photographers Gallery to take the images for this exercise in Carnaby Street, which is just round the corner. This a good location for a novice street photographer because I do not feel conspicuous wandering around with a camera taking pictures of people. Sometimes I felt that I would be more conspicuous if I didn’t have a camera or cameraphone out.

It would be too easy to simply make a load of exposures then decide in post-processing which would finish as colour and which as mono. Therefore I allowed myself two sessions, shooting colour before the study visit and mono afterward. All images were made with a Canon G1X; colour images in RAW, monos as JPGs (because that was the only way to get a mono preview image on screen)

These are my contact sheets.

I found I was thinking differently for the two sessions. For the colour session I was looking for colour patches and matches; for the mono session I was mainly looking for shapes. Although Carnaby Street has a reputation for being a colourful place (at least in the 1960s) I preferred the mono images. I think that is because I was more interested in the people than in what they were wearing.

Here is a selection of my colour images.

… and here are some of my monos.